Peering with Tele2 / AS1257

New peering partners

Existing peering partners

Q: I am interested in peering with Tele2 / AS1257, where do I begin?

A: Please review the requirements for peering / settlement-free interconnection documented in our policy. If you fulfill the requirements, you may contact the Tele2 peering committee at with your application.

Q: I do not completely fulfill the requirements of Tele2s SFI policy, should I apply?

A: In order to be fair and equal to all new and existing peering partners of Tele2, we apply our policy for settlement-free interconnection in a strict and uniform manner. If you do not meet all of the requirements, it is not a good idea to apply.

Q: I do not fulfill the requirements of Tele2s SFI policy, though I am interested in alternative arragements. Are there other openings?

A: Certainly, you may discuss this further with the Tele2 Wholesale department. You may reach them at or +46 8 5626 6460.

Q: We plan to perform planned maintenance affecting an existing peering circuit with Tele2, who should I inform?

A: Please inform Planned Works at

Q: I have a routing issue with AS1257, who should I contact for assistance?

A: For issues requiring immediate attention, please contact the Tele2 Data NOC at They will escalate to an on call engineer if needed. For non-immediate issues, you may contact which is read by our senior routing staff.

Q: To whom do I report network security incidents, abuse or spam?

A: Please contact Tele2 abuse via email to

Q: Utilization on our existing peering circuit has reached a high level, who should I contact to facilitate an upgrade?

A: Please contact the Tele2 peering committee at

Q: I would like to expand our peering setup to additional locations, who should I contact?

A: Please begin with reviewing our list of PoPs for peering to find if there are additional shared locations or a location in close vicinity. If there is, please contact the Tele2 peering committee at